Originally known as Old Fields, Greenlawn became known by its current name with the coming of the Long Island RailRoad in 1870. The LIRR chose the name Greenlawn for its station, apparently to project an idyllic rural/suburban image with hopes to foster resort travel to the beaches in Centerport. Greenlawn was well known for its pickle production during the 19th century. Pickles are still celebrated annually in Greenlawn with the Pickle Festival which is held by the local Greenlawn-Centerport Historical association at the John Gardiner Farm. Not only does the Pickle Festival offer pickles galore, but fall activities such as train rides, hayrides, a corn maze, potato digging, and seasonal food items such as roasted corn and baked goods.

The Greenlawn Fire Department’s Fireman’s Fair is another annual event held every Labor Day Weekend. The Greenlawn Fireman’s Fair is New York State’s longest running Fireman’s Fair. The fair has become an end of summer tradition for generations of local families. Each year, the fair is kicked off with a Fireman’s Parade the Thursday before Labor Day. Firefighters and ambulance personnel from surrounding departments make their way down Broadway to congregate on the fairgrounds behind GFD headquarters and enjoy an ice cold drink and a bite to eat.

Summer culinary favorites are available and always hit the spot! Whether it's hot dogs, buttery corn on the cob, fresh cut potato fries, snow cones, cotton candy, or ice cream, there’s bound to be something of your liking! The fair’s reputation is upheld year after year by the family atmosphere and superior selection of goods and prizes to be won through a multitude of games of chance. The grand prize, a brand new automobile, is raffled off on the last night of the fair, traditionally Labor Day.

In addition to the above-mentioned annual events, there is much fun to be had in Greenlawn on a daily basis! For a unique and relaxing dining experience in Greenlawn, wander to Broadway where you will find an array of restaurants such as Ruvo, Old Fields, Grecian Corner Cafe, San Giacomos’ Trattoria, Broadway Pizza and Tres Amigos Mexican Grill.

For those seeking a thrill, head on over to the Greenlawn Skate Park, located on the corner of Broadway and Cuba Hill Road. This park was designed with input from users and accommodates all skill levels from beginner to advance.

Rollerblades, scooters, skateboards and BMX Bikes are all permitted at the 9,200n square foot park featuring challenges such as grind boxes, wedges, rails, spines, ramps, sub boxes, quarter pipes, and half pipes ranging up to eight feet in height.

Lastly, if you enjoy being outside but prefer to have your feet on the ground, Pickle Park might just be the place for you! Not only does the park cater to families, but it also caters to children of all physical abilities. The park playground offers a diverse array of equipment, including slides, riders, play panels, swings, and climbers. Special inclusive elements include a cushioned, rubberized surface, accessible swings, double-wide wheelchair ramps, a feature specifically designed for children with sensory sensitivities, a rocking element that can accommodate both wheelchairs and seated children, and a new accessible walkway that connects the playground to nearby streets. This step towards inclusivity is a proud moment for the Greenlawn community.


Centerport is located on the North Shore of Long Island. Formally known as Little Cow Harbor in the 1700s, the current name refers to its geographic position midway between the east and west boundaries of the town of Huntington. Centerport is a highly residential town, characterized by winding driveways and beachfront hills.

Over the years, Centerport has developed a large boating and sailing culture. An important part of this culture is the Centerport Yacht Club, which was founded in 1947 and has served as the social and athletic focal point for the boating community in both Centerport and its surrounding areas. The goals of the Club are to encourage the sport of yachting, to promote skill in navigation and boat handling, to provide facilities for boating and entertainment for its members, to promote social interaction between members, and to cooperate in the improvement of our waterways. From its docks and mooring field to the Club’s many racing and cruising activities, CYC members enjoy life on Long Island Sound and beyond.

Centerport Beach is located on Northport Bay and is part of Centerport Beach Park. It is a nice pick that is not too crowded during the summer. The stunning shoreline is a pretty panorama, and you can take advantage of the campgrounds as well. Here, you’ll find a picnic and pavilion area, playground, and outdoor showers. Fishing is permitted as is cartop boat launching (e.g. canoes, kayaks, small rowboats, and sailboats). Enjoy swimming, golfing, fishing, boating, white water paddling, and running among other activities. It is open to the Town of Huntington residents with permits only, but visitors may pay a daily usage fee.

Less than a mile from Centerport Beach is the Vanderbilt Museum, located on Little Neck Road. The Museum is housed in the mansion once owned by William K. Vanderbilt II (the great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of the New York Central Railroad and the Staten Island Ferry). William was an avid sailor and collector. He traveled around the globe, collecting artifacts and natural history specimens, some of them gathered from the ocean floor by Willie K. himself.

Plan a fun fill day at the Vanderbilt Museum and its associated attractions is easy as it offers something for everyone: Beautiful sprawling grounds for the horticultural enthusiast, an insect collection for the entomology buff, a Spanish Revival mansion known as the Eagle’s Nest for lovers of architecture, taxidermy for the natural historian, a 3,000-year-old mummy for those interested in antiquities, and best of all a huge collection of marine specimens. The “Hall of Fishes” boasts one of the largest privately held collections of marine specimens in the world, including a 32-foot-long mounted whale shark, the largest taxidermied fish in the world.

A vast and eccentric collection, centered around Vanderbilt’s magnificent house and estate, it mirrors the mind of a man who was curious about everything and could afford to investigate it all.

There is much to explore and discover in the town of Centerport. What are you waiting for? Head on over and see just how much this town has to offer!