Dix Hills

Dix Hills is named after a local native, Dick Pechagan, likely a Secatogue Indian who farmed in this area around circa 1689. Eventually the name was shortened and the spelling changed from “Dick’s” to “Dix.” In 1700, Pechagan sold this area to the Town of Huntington.

I Melville which is Dix Hills neighbor was known as Samuel Ketcham’s Valley, named after one of the earlier natives residing in the area. It is believed that it was later called Sweet Hollow probably due to the large population of honey bees and wild honey found in the hollow of trees in the area. In 1854, school records indicate that the name changed to Melville, likely derived from the At the turn of the century, the Dix Hills- Melville hamlets, once primarily a rural farming community, underwent a drastic change in their landscapes Following the end of World War II as farms were bought out by housing projects and the population of the area skyrocketed there was a housing boom in the market.. Along Route 110 in Melville there was a large corporate district built. One can see remnants of the old farming community that the area once was in its farms, churches, and old houses that have withstood the test of time Dix Hills marked the outside boundary of three local tribes of the Algonquin Montauk people: the Matinecocks (lived from the hills, northward to the Sound), the Secatogues (lived to the south up into the hills), and the Massapequas (lived in the Half Way Hollow Hills and westward). “Half Way Hollows” was the halfway point of farmers on their way to the Great South Bay to obtain hay for their farm animals.

What to do in Dix Hills

From art classes, workshops to exhibitions, special events and more Dix Hills Park has it all… 150 acres of parklike grounds that include: Dix Hills Park Golf Course is a golf experience the entire family can enjoy. The par 31 layout rolls through Dix Hills Park with forgiving fairways and ample greens and is a fine place to hone skills for younger players or a great place for a relaxing nine hole round with friends. Dix Hills encourages walking but also allows carts. An irons only driving range and practice putting green are also available to warm up and practice.Located off of Vanderbilt Parkway A great place for a relaxing a nine hole round with friends and family. There is a driving range and practice putting green if you just want to practice.

The Dix Hills Ice Skating Rink which has a state of the art indoor full sized skating facility with all amenities.

The Dix Hills Pool is wonderful for those hot summer days it has an Olympic size swimming pool, Kiddie pool and playground.

Dix Hills is centrally located on Long Island and close to all major parkways and highways. Whether you are traveling north, south, east or westbound it is very accessible to all destinations. Heading North you will hit Sunken Meadow, heading south you will hit Jones Beach, heading east you will hit the North and South fork and heading west you will hit New York City.